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We are a technology development company commercializing discoveries in the life science industry. GeneHarmonics’ focus involves converging technologies in nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information science. GH has operations, collaborations, and partnerships in various parts of the world, specifically in Asia and the U.S.

We have point-of-care, rapid, and quantitative prototypes for diagnostic tests traditionally processed in the laboratory setting. GH has developed rapid diagnostic tests where time-sensitive results are critical to patient survival. The foundational technology is easily adaptable for additional applications – animal health testing, water testing, and food testing. Patents on the technologies and innovations have been filed in Asia and the U.S.  Patents will continuously be filed as we move forward.

One Device. Different Kits. Multiple Tests.

Imagine a single device in a point-of-care setting that can generate test results for multiple biomarkers within 15 minutes.

  • Sepsis Test (IL-6 and PCT) – Rapid Low-Level Detection

  • Direct-to-Consumer Tests – Vitamin D, Testosterone, Ovarian Reserve, and more.

  • Heart Diagnostic Tests – BNP, Troponin, and more.

  • Infectious Diseases Tests – Malaria, Dengue, TB, and more.

  • Companion Diagnostics for Drug Development

  • Animal Diagnostic Tests – Companion Animal and Livestock.

A single, portable, multi-kit device capable of rapid testing will bring laboratory quality tests to point-of-care facilities, remote villages, and even the home.


Validated prototypes using FDA-approved CLSI protocols.


Kits and data-enabled devices for regulatory compliance.


Companion data platform with AI/ML iterations.


Better health benefits to future device end-users.

Our Management and Advisory Team

A company is only as good as the management team that leads it. Our team has a combined experience and capability to operate and make things happen across borders using various technologies. Some of our team members have worked together in various initiatives for decades. Now we are regrouping to make a difference and save lives.

Jimi Sta. Maria


Jimi studied engineering, mathematics and business. Jimi had applied himself as a business innovator, an entrepreneur, a project-based strategic planner, a developer, a technology person and an emerging medical technology proponent. Jimi worked with global companies to pursue major transactions as well as International NGOs to develop sustainable livelihoods for marginalized tribal communities in third world countries.

Over the years, Jimi has done business in different countries, in different industries such as real estate, international trading, and alternative energy. Jimi is currently founded the Harmonics Group which working on the convergence of technologies to usher in new platform diagnostics in the medical field.

Areas of Competence:

Corporate Governance
General Management/Project Management
Negotiations and Contract Closing.
Supply Chain Management
International Business
Strategic Planning

Rommel Roque

Chief Executive Officer

Completing graduate studies at a University in Japan – the College of Biological Sciences majoring in Agricultural Economics. Rommel is fluent in Japanese. Rommel has been one of the top C-level Executives of ManpowerGroup Inc, a Fortune 500 company, managing the Philippine operation as Country Manager and Owner as well as managing the Asian Pacific/Middle East operations as its regional director.   Rommel has steered MPG Philippines from annual revenue of $4 Million to $40 million in revenue within 10 years.

An influential business leader, Rommel has delivered talent-based solutions on a global scale for over 20 years. Rommel is passionate about enabling businesses to create social impact through learning, employment, and healthcare.

As one of the original founders of GeneHarmonics, Rommel has brought top Japanese diagnostic engineers to the GH development team.

Erin Robinson


Erin has been in the healthcare space for over 10 years, managing operations and business development for laboratory diagnostic testing facilities.  She has led negotiations with multi-national bio-diagnostic and pharmaceutical partnerships.

Erin also manages the operations of our offices in Asia, California, and Texas. Erin heads up our investor relations, communications, marketing, and collaborations with regulatory experts.  She will oversee non-traditional distribution plans for GeneHarmonics’ direct-to-consumer tests.

Willa Leong

Corporate Counsel

Willa is a veteran corporate and securities attorney from Silicon Valley.  Willa has advised startups and privately held companies on general corporate law, corporate finance, regulatory issues, contracts review, and investment documentation.  She has had much success sourcing capital and originating strategic partnerships for her clients.  Willa has bridged the gap between capital and entrepreneurs in Asia and Silicon Valley.

Gil Masiglat

Vice President

Gil has been in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years and has strong professional relationships with industry giants in the pharmaceutical space in Asia. He built his expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing operations as the managing director of a pharmaceutical plant that helps and continues to help save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. On behalf of GeneHarmonics, Gil works with Zuellig Pharmaceutical Corporation in pre-distribution planning for the 13 Asian Pacific countries where ZPC dominates the market by 70%.

Lyle Larson

Corporate Advisor

Lyle Larson, a graduate of Texas A&M, first worked for Nalco Chemical Company and subsequently for Johnson & Johnson, distributing surgical equipment. For the last 30 years, Larson has owned and operated a small business in San Antonio.

Larson began his political career in 1991, serving as San Antonio City Councilman, District 10 for 2 terms and as Bexar County Commissioner, Pct. 3 from 1997-2008. In 2010, Larson was elected State Representative for District 122, earning more votes than any other state representative candidate in Texas. Larson has served as the Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee from 2017-2021 and currently serves the International Relations and Economic Development Committee and the House Natural Resources committee.

Lyle has supported biotech initiatives and projects throughout his career.  Lyle will be influential in establishing relationships between major Texas learning institutions and GeneHarmonics.

Anthony Rock

Corporate Advisor

Anthony J. Rock is a U.S. Air Force retired Lieutenant General. Tony’s extensive military career culminated in his role as The Air Force Inspector General, and throughout his career he led complex and diverse teams of 350-5000 personnel across the operations, training, and strategic planning domains. He is a proven visionary and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to GeneHarmonics, Inc.

Tony’s full military biography is available at:

John LiSanti

Corporate Advisor

Over the past 25 years, John has owned, developed, managed, and marketed commercial, residential, and resort properties valued at over one billion dollars.  As a real estate developer and licensed broker, he has been involved in major projects both domestically and internationally including the first golf and country club in Moscow, buildings in the heart of San Francisco, the Silverado Country Club in Napa Valley, CA, and more.

John currently spends his time syndicating major transactions as Senior Investment Manager in Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Division’s Northern California offices. John has been doing business with the founder of GeneHarmonics, Jimi, for years.

Paul Andrews

Corporate Advisor

Paul is a partner of John LiSanti at Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Division’s Northern California offices. For GeneHarmonics, Paul brings relationships in the medical space from the U.S., Europe and other parts of the world.

Discover GH Human Health Solutions

Human Health Strategies for groups and corporations

Our Human Health Solutions Team

GeneHarmonics Human Health Solutions is a division within GeneHarmonics Inc. that works with employers to provide better healthcare to employees and their families through cost savings strategies and increased benefits through customization.

Clifford Der

President, GHHS

Clifford is an electrical engineering graduate from UC Berkeley, CA. After college, Clifford applied himself and his knowledge of numbers and mathematics to create out-of-the-box solutions in the medical benefits arena.   With a personal goal of making the lives of employees better and employers more competitive, Clifford pioneered several innovations in the medical benefits space including bringing acupuncture coverage and EPO plans into the U.S. healthcare system.

As founder of East-West Administrators, Clifford successfully helped companies save millions of dollars in insurance premiums while increasing the benefits enjoyed by employees. Inspired by the positive impact he believes our Quantum Dots device will have on employee health; Clifford integrated his innovative platform under GeneHarmonics.  His proprietary benefit savings strategies are a result of his over 50 years’ experience in addition to his partnerships with the top third-party administrators in the U.S. including Meritain (owned by Aetna), BRMS Online, and East-West Administrators.

Todd Hoisek

Vice President

Todd’s executive background in healthcare began as a vice president of business development for a diagnostic lab months before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. From Covid-19 testing onward, Todd has grown professionally and led teams to market healthcare products including diagnostic testing, medical equipment, and software technology.

Todd has a proven track record of cultivating and maintaining relationships and will lead the marketing efforts for GHHS.

Kip Penniman

Vice President

Kip has been in sales and customer relationship management for over 25 years. He has worked within the small business market up to enterprise-class Fortune 500 companies. Most of his career has been in the information technology arena with many of his customer relationships in the medical/healthcare industry. Kip has known GHHS President, Clifford Der, for more than a decade as they have worked together to provide companies with a better benefits program.

Luz Ramirez

Executive Administrator

Through her over 25 years with Macy’s Department Stores, Luz gained experience in accounts management, sales, and customer service.  Luz works with Todd and Kip to manage GHHS accounts.

“Saving lives through cutting-edge technology and proven strategies – now and in the future.”

Clifford Der, President GHHS

GHHS is Working and Collaborating with Trusted Names

As a pioneer in medical benefits, Clifford has brought better healthcare to employees and millions of dollars in savings to employers. Visit our GHHS site.

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