Rapid and Quantitative Tests

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Your Content Goes Here Know what results mean For an individual, a 7-day temporal gap that is “taken out of the equation as if it is non-existent” is not only irresponsible but also dangerous. It gives a perceived “all-clear” to an individual who may have been exposed and who might have contracted [...]

The Wonderful NanoWorld

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Your Content Goes Here Size Matters Size matters. In the case of nano-technology, elements broken down into their smallest particles exhibits unique properties in ways that the same elements in bulk sizes cannot. By identifying and measuring those properties, they can be used for applications that can benefit humanity. The National Nanotechnology [...]

Convergence and Opportunity

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Your Content Goes Here Why we are here Technological innovations and progress is achieved whenever a convergence of existing technologies in addition to new ones are fused together and engineered to create new inventions. All the technology to create quantitative devices that are accurate to the cellular level exists. Our partners pioneered [...]

Population Study

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Your Content Goes Here Predictive Models GeneHarmonics Inc. is helping to develop population-based studies that can help collect data points to better understand infectious diseases that can hopefully be used to develop predictive models to fight them. The pilot will be designed around studies for Malaria - considered the number [...]

Development Path

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Your Content Goes Here Working to Usher in the Future Covid-19 will be with us for a long time. One obvious reason is because of the rapid ways the virus mutates. Another is the direct admittance of vaccine developers about the reduced efficacies of their own respective products over time [...]

Hello world!

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